Manitoba Institute For Patient Safety

The Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists recently became a member of the Manitoba Institute For patient Safety (MIPS), an organization committed to providing education  opportunities on patient safety for healthcare providers.  For a link to the MIPS website and information on upcoming patient safety workshops, please visit the Education Opportunities page under the Education tab above.

Continuing Professional Development is a requirement of licensure for all Registered Respiratory Therapists practicing in Manitoba.  The MARRT will be adding education opportunities that will be of interest to our members as they become available.  Check this website frequently for updates.

Marrt Has Moved!

Our new address is 1 Wesley Avenue, Unit 301, Winnipeg MB  R3C 4C6.  Phone number remains the same and is a message line only.

Attention all Registered Respiratory Therapists!

For information on professional general liabilty insurance and an explanation of why it is important please click here,


The Importance and Impact of an Apology:
Patients and their families expect to be told when something has happened that has harmed them or had the potential to harm them.  Informing them honestly and fully is the right thing to do.  After informing them, patients deserve a sincere and honest expression of regret…an apology.  To learn more, please click here


MARRT Mission Statement

The Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists regulates the practice and continuing competency of respiratory thereapists to ensure the safe delivery of care

MARRT Vision Statement

Exemplary delivery of respiratory care in Manitoba

MARRT is authorized by The Registered Respiratory Therapists Act C.C.S.M. c. R115. The role of MARRT is to self-regulate the practice of Respiratory Therapy and govern the members of MARRT to protect the public.

MARRT's legal obligation is to protect the public through the regulation of licensed and registered respiratory therapists. This includes setting standards of practice, developing members' continuing education competency requirements and addressing complaints involving MARRT members.

The business of MARRT is conducted in accordance with the law and member approved bylaws. The MARRT bylaws can be viewed under the "Our Profession" tab. The Board of Directors consists of Registered Respiratory Therapists, as elected by MARRT members, and two public members, as appointed by the Government of Manitoba.

Congratulatons Nancy Keith - Samsung Tablet Winner!

Thanks to those who completed the RT National Competency Framework Survey.  The winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Nancy Keith! 

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MARRT Welcomes New Association Manager

Effective December 31st, 2015, Ms. Kim Wozniak, MARRT's association manager, has resigned from the position.  The MARRT Board of Directors would like to thank Kim for her dedication and support to the organization for the past 5 years.  We wish her well on future endeavors!

As a result of Ms. Wozniak's resignation, MARRT would like to announce that the association has hired a new manager effective January 1st, 2016.  Ms. Lee Hurton has accepted the position and comes to MARRT with over 10 years experience working with not-for-profit and corporate associations. Lee has worked extensively with many different associations and Boards of Directors over the course of her career and is excited to begin working with and supporting MARRT's Board of Directors and membership.  Lee can be contacted at with any MARRT related questions or concerns.

Congratulations to Susan Mortimer

Susan Mortimer BMR RRT with Dr. Prakashen Govender MBChB,FCA(SA),FRCPC, HSC Dept of Anesthesia, Site Medical Manager

Seen here with Dr. Prakashen Govender MBChB,FCA(SA),FRCPC, HSC Department of Anesthesia, Site Medical Manager, Susan is being honoured as the recipient of the JOE LEE MEMORIAL FUND AWARD.

The Joe Lee Memorial Fund was established in memory of Dr. Joe Lee, who died suddenly February 28, 2002. Joe was a University of Manitoba graduate (BSc 1958; MD 1962) who completed his Anesthesia and Critical Care training at the University of Manitoba and the University of California, San Francisco (FRCPC Anesthesia 1967). He practiced in Anesthesia and Critical Care in Winnipeg from 1969 onwards and was also active in the Manitoba Respiratory Home Support Program and the Manitoba Air Ambulance Program (Lifeflight).

All nominees, and ultimately Susan Mortimer, 2015 Award Recipient, should be honoured as Joe Lee was truly a legend - a caring legend! His approach to patient care can best be described as humanistic. Joe treated his patients with dignity and respect and also took the time to get to know his patients and their families or friends, as individuals. These caring and supportive relationships helped thousands of patients through major illness or injury. Joe valued the contributions of all members of the patient care team and treated these colleagues with respect - plus ample doses of cheerfulness and mischievous humour. He had a unique approach to teaching, by gently but firmly urging his trainees in Anesthesia and Critical Care to perform beyond what they thought was their potential, and to learn in the process. Joe received many teaching awards, including the PARIM Educator of the Year award for 2001 - 2002. He did accept administrative responsibilities in the critical care units in San Francisco and Winnipeg, but his favourite place was at the bedside, taking care of his patients.

The capital in the Joe Lee Memorial Fund, which has been established at the University of Manitoba, will be preserved, with the income supporting an annual Joe Lee Award. This Award will be made to the health care team member who best exemplifies Joe Lee’s humanistic approach to patient care and for 2015, Susan Mortimer has been selected by the Head, Department of Anesthesia and the Section Head, Critical Care, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, U of M, who are jointly responsible for the Fund and the selection processes for this prestigious Award.

Once Again, Congratulations to Susan Mortimer from the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists

MARRT Revises the Standards of Practice April 2015

The MARRT Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the MARRT has performed a review of the current Standards of Practice. This process included surveying the standards of other provinces/territories, as well as the standards of other health care professions. After discussion by the Board of Directors, the MARRT has decided to adopt the Standards of Practice as set out by the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists. It is the opinion of the Board that the new standards represent the current professional expectations of Respiratory Therapists working in Manitoba, and reflect the importance of interprofessional collaboration and patient safety in the provision of health care services to all Manitobans.

Standards of Practice outline the legal and professional practice for all members. Under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), Section 10(2)(c), it states that a college has a mandate to: "develop, establish and maintain standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice by members and monitor compliance with and enforce those standards". As the MARRT prepares for application under the RHPA, it is important that we have current standards that reflect the expectations of a college in governing its members and acting in the best interests of the public. Standards of Practice are intended to inform professionals of their responsibilities and accountabilities to the public, colleagues, and employers. They are also intended to inform the public as to what to expect when receiving the services of a respiratory therapist.

Standards of Practice assist in the development of continuing professional development requirements, and allow the MARRT to determine if members have adhered to the standards in the execution of their duties.

The MARRT Board of Directors wishes to acknowledge the CSRT for their support of respiratory therapists working in Manitoba.

For a complete listing of the MARRT Standards of Practice, please click here .

What Does It Mean to be Self-Regulated?

Respiratory Therapy in Manitoba is a self-regulated health profession. What does that mean? Click here to have that exact question answered and to view the 2014 AGM presentation by Rhonda Lorch of Lorch and Associates.